Salesforce answers key questions facing many organizations today

We help many of our clients evaluate and adopt Salesforce. Salesforce has steadily grown over the last ten years into the leader in Internet, cloud-based services for managing contacts. And the Salesforce Foundations donation and discount program brings enterprise-grade software as a service within the budget nonprofit organizations, large and small.

Our projects include:

  • Basic contact and donor management migration, set-up, training and support;
  • Complex management of human services and community programs;
  • On-line registration for professional development programs; and
  • Management of grants and projects.

Salesforce Registered Consulting PartnerDatabase Designs has registered as a Salesforce partner, takes part in the lively nonprofit Salesforce community and works closely with the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack.

We also offer our own training and events.

Explore some Salesforce learning resources.

Visit out Featured Projects page and read about our Salesforce projects for Artists for Humanity, Boston After School and Beyond, Connected Beginnings, Family Nurturing Center, Health Care for All.

Let us know if we can help you get started with Salesforce or take your existing Salesforce instance to the next level.