From its inception, Database Designs has worked with Microsoft data systems developer technologies. We have built and supported hundreds of database and web applications using Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Visual Basic.

In a world of off-the-shelf, Open Source and Cloud apps, Microsoft .Net has continued to grow. Here are some of the reasons why .Net may be a good fit for your project with Database Designs.

  • When you have very specialized data collection and organizational logic and rules, Microsoft .Net provides unparalleled control to the developer. You will rarely hear “can’t be done” when we have started a project in Microsoft .Net
  • Though not Open Source, Microsoft. Net web and data systems applications do not have per-user licenses. This can become important as your user base grows.
  • Microsoft. Net also scales very well. As the number of users grows and the intensity of use grows, your infrastructure can scale incrementally.
  • Microsoft. Net has attracted a tremendous marketplace for developer add-ons for reporting, data fields, web interactions and the like. We have our favorites, and feel comfortable we can meet specialized requests. Recent requirements for us have included mapping, Google calendars, facial recognition for a health application, legal document generation from templates, phone system tie-ins. Many marketplace tools also exist to tie SQL Server systems to accounting, Salesforce, or other commercial software.
  • We appreciate that Microsoft’s developer tools can range from complete websites to specialized scripted processes for your work with Microsoft Office, including Access-based reporting and data collection, scripted Word document creation and management, sophisticated presentations and graphs in Excel and Powerpoint, or control over Outlook email and calendars.

Microsoft .Net and SQL Server are proven technologies. They have now passed the ten year mark in the maturation of sophisticated, general purpose software development tools.

Let us know if we can help you with sophisticated, custom needs that might fit with Microsoft .Net.

Visit out Featured Projects page and read about our .Net projects for the Youth Advocacy Department of the Committee for Public Council Services and for The Bottom Line.

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